Introduction: Logitech G13 Thumbstick Mod

I have owned the Logitech G13 gamepad for five years now. The one thing that always bothered me to bits was the atomically small thumbstick it has.

Originally, it was designed to replace buttons. You could throw a grenade when you push it to the right. A melee attack when pushed to the left. You get the gest.

The community wanted it to function as a thumbstick (it looked like one, why should it not function like one). So, Logitech graciously added that capability. However, it still had that teenie tiny thumbstick. At least it functioned like a thumbstick!

There are quite a few hacks out there to mod a larger thumbstick. Some of them good, some..less

Replacing it with one from a handheld controller:
This doesn't work, as the base of the stick is thicker and inhibits the full range of movement.

Using a glue gun and a drilled through replacement stick:
Terrible bond. The stuff always comes off.

Using something akin to Sugru:
Works. But not the same material. So the bond will never be the same

My mod is sort of similar to the Sugru mod. However, it uses ABS slurry (used in 3d printing) for a bond that is made of the same material as the original stick. This really fuses with the stick.


Step 1: Materials and Tools

Materials needed:

  1. Cheap replacement thumbstick for a controller:
  2. Rubber anti-slip covers (optional):
  3. Real acetone (avoid the bio kind. Get proper nailpolish remover for example).
  4. Some ABS

Tools needed:

  1. Small knife
  2. Stove / torch / lighter
  3. drill, small pilot drill (I used 2mm) and a 8mm drill

Step 2: Cut and Drill

  1. Image 1 Flip the replacement thumbstick upside down and drill almost all the way through the shaft. This should give you a nice and centred pilot hole for your 8mm hole later on. (learned this the hard way. Glad, I ordered two)
  2. Heat up the knife
  3. Image 2 Carefully and steady, cut just the top thumb part from the thumbstick (do not breathe the fumes please)
  4. Widen the pilot hole to 8mm
  5. Fit the hole. It should cover the top of the thumbstick.

Now you have your top ready, it is time to make some ABS sludge or glue. I use this to have 3d prints tack to my printbed, so I had some lying around. However, it is an easy make. Just gather up your plastic bits and weigh them. The mixture for ABS glue is 1:2. 1 gram of acetone, 2 grams of ABS. Put these two in something of a METAL tin, or glass jar you have lying around (an old acetone bottle for example) and leave this overnight.

The next day all the plastic will be dissolved in the acetone. This is what you will use as glue. The acetone evaporates fast. Be sure to keep up the pace once you open the tin of ABS glue.

  1. Put a dab on both the thumbstick (work fast)
  2. Put a dab into the 8mm hole (work fast)
  3. Join the two and make sure the top is on straight (work fast)
  4. Image 3 Apply a tiny bit of pressure, to make sure everything is pressed together
  5. Sit back and do not touch it for a couple of hours. The Acetone will evaporate and leave a fused bond.
  6. Optional: Add the thumbstick cover

This should be just as strong as the original, as it is ABS slightly dissolved and bonded with ABS solvent + ABS.