Introduction: Logitech G930 Battery Upgrade

Short guide to upgrading battery of a Wireless logitech G930 headset.

Step 1: Remove the Battery

Follow this picture to remove the existing battery

Step 2: Unsolder the Molex Plugs.

Already done in this picture, the 3 solder points on the IC board is where the wire was.

Step 3: Find a 3.7v Battery Lying Around, and Solder the Wires on the Contacts.

Red to positive, black to negative, yellow/green to the last contact.

Obviously, pick a battery with the same voltage, and preferably, also LI-ion, but with a bigger capacity (thats why its an upgrade right?)

All LI-ion battery should be 3.7v, so dont have to worry too much.

Step 4: Cut the Battery Holder

Using a rotary tool, cut the battery holder if needed to accommodate the new battery

Step 5: Plug In, Arrange Cable

Safety tip:

Dont cover back, to have access for feel/visual inspection of the replacement battery. On any signs of thermal runaway, you are able to react.

Anyways all LI-ion battery is always 3.7v, only the capacity differs due to cell arrangement.Dont worry about exploding blablabla. Only way for LI-ion to explode is an internal short leading to thermal runaway, and it dont happen instantly, theres a build up of heat during charging before it explodes.