Introduction: Logitech Speaker Stand From Coffee Lid

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This is my first project for instructables , i am testing the waters

So my speakers leg or stand whatever is called broke so i cooked up this

This is basically quick fix

Step 1: Step One- Disassemble the Speaker

To disassemble the speaker remove the grill.

To remove the grill use screwdriver or knife

Step 2: Step 2 Thread the Bolt Thru Hole

then unscrew the screws and remove the speaker

drill hole in new hole thread the bolt in the hole

btw my cable fell off before so that is why i threaded cable thru new hole you can make new hole slightly below the cable hole

Step 3: Step 3 Attach L Bracket to Bolt

Attach l bracket to bolt

and tighten with bolt close the up speaker and grill

Step 4: Step 4 Lid Attaching

take the lid and drill two holes where the l bracket holes are and then attach reaming two bolts and tighten with nut and you are finished.

be kind its my first time

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