Introduction: Logo Armband

Hello this is my first instuctable please enjoy

You will need

Long socks (if you don't have preexisting armband)

Different colored thread

Something to cut with


A symbol in mind to place on armband

(If you have a already made armband skip to step 2)

Step 1: Make Armband

If you already have an armband skip this step

Cut sock at the end of the straight part

Fold the sock in half and sew at four points

Step 2: Find a Logo

Any logo or symbol will do but simpler ones will turn out better

Avoid logos or symbols with curves

When you find something print it out but make sure when you print the design will fit the armband

Step 3: Attach Logo

Mine didn't turn out so good but if you do it carefully it will work

And if you have a black logo either use a colored armband or insert black fabric in the shape of your symbol

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