Introduction: Logo With Fading LEDs

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In this project I made my new logo, I used knife from my prevous project M9 Bayonet. (It is like holder for knife)

In this project I used well known timer chip ne555, to fade on and off two LEDs that I used as ayes of bunny.

I took this logo from HERE and all credits for making it goes to justflyakite.

It is fun and easy project for starters in electronics.


1) 4mm Plywood

2) M9 Bayonet

3) Clothespin

4) NE555 Bipolar Timer

5) LED x2 (I used blue ones)

6) 100 uF 16V Capacitor

7) 33K Resistor

8) 470 Resistor

9) BC547 NPN Transistor

Step 1: Cut Shape

I used 4mm plywood, just print your logo and cut that shape from plywood.

You can use template I added here.

Step 2: Modify Clothespin

Step 3: Wiring

These two circuits make a LED fade on and off. The first circuit charges a 100u and the transistor amplifies the current entering the 100u and delivers 100 times this value to the LED via the collector-emitter pins. The circuit needs 9v for operation since pin 2 of the 555 detects 2/3 Vcc before changing the state of the output so we only have a maximum of 5.5v via a 470R resistor to illuminate the LED.

You can find more abaou this here.

You can find more NE555 projects here.

Step 4: Make Ayes

I used painted thin transparent plastic and cutted right shape. Yhen just glue it on the right spot, but first drill holes and add LEDs.

Step 5: Battery Holder

I used three 3V baterries, just cut few holes and then cut araund them, then stack it and add glue.

Put it on the right spot and screw top piece of wood to hold batteries.

Step 6: Put Everything Together

Just put all parts together.

Step 7: Add Back Plate

I added screws behind so I can remove front part and change batteries if needed.

Step 8: Done

Hope you like it, if you want to see more project follow me here.

You can find more my projects on my Instructables profile.

Thank you for your attention.