Introduction: (Loki) Triangle and Stripe Themed Nail Art

The easiest part is the green triangle because it is wonderfully straight edged and crisp! The hardest part is the gold stripes against the green.
Please allow SEVERAL minutes to an hour for drying.
The most important layers are the base coat and the black because they need to be completely dry before you can even think of putting tape on your nails!
When taking off the tape, ALWAYS take it off right away so the paint won't dry on it and crack or peel when you take it off.

Step 1: Supplies

Clear base coat nail polish
Black nail polish
Green (Emerald or sparkly) nail polish
Gold (metallic, not yellow) nail polish
Tape (Scotch or painters tape)
Scissors (to cut the tape)
A tiny nail art brush/paint brush/tooth pick

Step 2: Tape

Get your tape, about half an inch, and cut it in half (straight as you can). Then, if you want to save tape, cut both of those in half vertically as well.
Next, put two pieces of tape on your nail starting from the corners of the bottom, toward the middle. It's easier to do all the nails on one hand than doing each separately.

Step 3: Green Triangles

See how nice they look? Also, see how they look a bit dark, directly against the black? The gold will really make the green stand out when it's done!

Step 4: Prep for Gold

If you haven't already, cut up the same size tape for all the nails on one hand again. Next, apply the tape parallel to the sides of the green triangle. Leave a lot of space for a wide band of gold or a little for a smaller band. Remember that this will be the hardest part because you're doing it freehand against the green.

Step 5: Gold

Take your gold and put a couple drops on a piece of paper so you can dip your small brush into it. Don't get a lot on, because you need to be able to control where it goes.
Start from the very outside edge of the green and brush outwards to the edge of the tape.
Once you've done one nail, take that tape off quickly and start the next one.

Step 6: Clear Coat and Done!

Once your designs have dried, it's time for a good top clear coat. When that's dry, sit back and admire your awesome nails! ;D