Introduction: Lolerskaters Homemade Nerf Darts (They Get Extreme Distance)


These homemade Nerf darts rock!! they are made out of foam backer rod and get sweet distance. Trust me they are better than any others. They also fit any Nerf gun!!!!

Step 1: Get the Stuff

For this project you will need:

1. some foam backer rod (the gray coil) its inexpensive!!
2. a couple of nerf bullets to measure
3. a philips screwdriver
4. a paint brush or some kinda small rod
5. scissors
6. lots of BB's
7. a nerf gun to test em out!!

Step 2: Cut Your Dart

Cut the dart from the coil of foam. use your regular dart as a reference.

Step 3: Make the Hole

Use the screwdriver to make the dart hollow by shoving it trough the center of the dart(do not go trough the top of the dart, stop right before u poke trough it.

Step 4: Insert Your BB Weights

Using the end of the paint brush insert 2 bbs (one at a time) in to the dart. Do so the same way you did with the screwdriver. push the bbs all the way to the top without busting it open.

Step 5: Test It!!!

Load your dart into a nerf gun and FIRE!!!!!

Step 6: Repeat!!!

Do this about 200 more times!!!!!!!