Lolita Makeover

Introduction: Lolita Makeover

About: In case you were wondering, Griffy is my sweet, adorable wire-haired dachshund!

Step 1: Hair and Outfit

Try to wear something girly, but based on what type of Lolita you are-preppy chic, literally just pink and girly, or even punk rock. Hair is best curly or wavy (especially crimped) and possibly in fun colors, with hair chalk or wash-out dye. Wear pretty jewelry, like lace and bows. Good hairstyles are pigtails, braids and double buns.

Step 2: Makeup Prep

Apply concealers, bronzers, or foundations if you want. Also, put on some chapstick. I used:
-Shimmer Strips Vegas Strip/Light Custom Bronzer+Blush+Eye Shadow

Step 3: Eyes

You can make your eyebrows more comical if you want. Use sparkly shadow in a prominent color like pink, gold purple, blue, etc. and do the same with eyeliner. I am using my Urban Decay Vol 11 eyeshadow palette in Ecstasy, Sphynx, Half Baked, and Midnight Cowboy Rides Again. I am also using my Hello Kitty Charmmy Kohl Eyeliner Kit.

Step 4: Lips

Use a bright, possibly even neon, color like red, berry or pink. I am going over with teal eyeliner for a Lolita look.

Step 5: SFX

If you want, you can make a blush like kawaii lolitas have.

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    3 years ago

    Oh no... GriffyTheDog, you may want to entitle this post something else. Perhaps these days Lolita refers to a fashion style, but the original term came from a book called Lolita which became justifiably infamous. I mean, this was posted four years ago so perhaps there's no reason for me to post this but eh.

    Mattie Canada

    I'm sorry, dearie, but that's not at all Lolita. Sorry to disappoint you.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Sorry...but this is not lolita.


    7 years ago

    Hi guys, I forgot to put in hair chalk. I have Hot Huez and hair mascara, and a friend has actual hair CHALK called Gypsy Stix that you can buy at Claire's.