Introduction: Lollipop Bouquet

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Here's a fun holiday decoration that can also be used as a part ensemble. This lollipop bouquet has been created by several crafty bloggers, including Bethany Mota, who has done her holiday take on this fun project! Believe me, this project sucks...well, lollipop wise! LOL! (Ahem!) Let's get started!

Step 1: Materials

What you'll need to make your own lollipop bouquet are...

  • DumDum lollipops (they work best for this project)
  • large terra cotta flower pot
  • foam boam
  • green patio paint
  • foam brush
  • hot glue gun
  • sparkly ribbon or bow (you can make your own bow with red ribbon or buy one that's already done)

Step 2: Paint the Pot

First off, paint your flower pot with green patio paint and let dry.

Note: Here, you will see a bottle of blue patio paint, and I have already painted the pot with green! But, with this project, you can use whatever color you like. This is just for show!

Step 3: Add Foam Ball

Now, you can place your foam ball inside the pot. You can even glue the foam ball inside the pot so it will stick. What's great about this step is that you can use this flower pot year round, even when the lollipops are gone!

Step 4: Add Lollipops

Now, you're ready to add on the star of the show: DumDum lollipops! Just open the bag, dump out the little suckers and stick them inside the foam ball, going around until you reach the top!

Step 5: Add a Bow

To add that final touch to your holiday favor, add a cute, sparkly bow to the front. You can make one using a sparkly ribbon or buy one that's already made, then just glue it to the front of your pot! Here, I used a silver ribbon.

Step 6: Ready to Serve

Now, bring your lollipop bouquet to your next holiday party and be ready to serve your lollipops to all of your guests! They will so be commenting on your creativity through New Year's Eve and would want to see it again next Christmas! This is also a great decoration that doubles as a fun gift idea for any food lover!

When it comes to painting the flower pot, it does NOT have to be green! This project calls for year-round fun, so paint it any color that you wish! It can blue, red, yellow, and even white! You can even paint on a pattern, like plaid or leopard spots, or even decoupage some photos to add some funky personality! Imagination is the only limit here!

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