Introduction: Lolly Candy Dispenser

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Lolly or Candy dispenser.

This project is made purely off the cuff there were no plans or cutting guide. I am making it up as I go along. But I try to show as much as I can in the video.

The idea is using a piece of dowel the spins with a notch taken out, the notch allows the candy to fall through as the as it spins round. You have to make sure the notch is not to small and on the other side not to big for the type of lollies you are going to put in it otherwise it will either jam or you will get a flow of to many lollies falling through.

Now through a little bit of trial error, you need to have the dowel, and the edges pretty close so the there are no gaps for the lollies to fall in to and jam the dowel, but not to tight so you can't spin the dowel.

I started off making the the hole in the top for the jar to fit, and them cutting the sides. One of the sides has a opening cut out so the lollies to fall out onto the catchment area.

The hardest part to get right is the spinning dowel and getting the placement right, it works best with round shape lollies and the harder outer shell. I will admit this is not perfect but way of doing, and was purely trial and error and to see if I could do it.


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