Introduction: Lone Ranger Costume

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"Hi-Yo, Silver! Away!"

Set off for adventure with an authentic Lone Ranger costume. This costume is fairly easy to put together, as it doesn't require a lot of making and relies heavily on commonly found items from your local thrift store. The only element that I bought were the pistol holster belt and the white cowboy hat.

You may remember the horse bike I made recently, I used it as my trusty steed, Silver. And, how will the Lone Ranger save the day without his faithful sidekick Tonto (riding his dog)? I got all this covered. Follow along into the wild west and adventure!

Step 1: Thrift Store Shopping

The thrift store is a bounty for fun costumes. Finding a white shirt, grey vest, and grey blazer were easy. These items cost me less than $15.

The grey pants were mine already, a regular workwear staple from when I'm in the shop. The gloves I got from my winter storage box, and you can wear just about any type of boots (since nobody is really looking at your feet anyway). I happen to have a fun set of cowboy boots that I got when I was in Texas.

Step 2: Red Kerchief

I got this red kerchief at a Dollar Store. I loosely rolled it diagonally and tied it around my neck.

Step 3: We Don't Need No Stinkin' Badges

...actually you DO need a badge. how else is anyone going to know you're official?

I got this Sheriff badge at a toy store for a few dollars. I put my name on it with a permanent marker. It's like a name tag and a sign of authority.

Step 4: Pistols

I could have grabbed up regular toy pistols when I was at the toy store picking up my Sheriff badge, but decided on being fun cowboy instead of a gun-toting one. I grabbed these fun bubble guns which look like pistols, but shoot out tons of bubbles with cool *pew pew* sounds.

They mostly fit into my pistol holster belt, and were a great addition to the costume.

Step 5: Mask

The Lone Ranger of course has a mask. I printed out the mask template that Jessy offers in her awesome superhero mask Instructable.

I scaled the mask up about 25% by first printing it on paper, then enlarging it on the photocopier until it would fit my giant head. I cut the paper pattern out and traced the outline onto a scrap piece of black fabric. I used a sharp knife on a cutting mat to cut the mask shape. I left the tie ends long so I'd have room to get the length right, then trimmed up the ends after fitting to my head.

Step 6: Putting It All Together

Start getting dressed. This costume is super easy as it's all clothing that is easily found and worn. I had to modify the mask shape slightly to fit over the top of my ears.

Step 7: Details

As with all costumes, the attention to detail is what makes a piece really stand out. Take the time to really get into character and own the clothes you wear. Taking notes from just about ever western ever I adopted a sour expression, a grave respect for the cowboy hat, and an understanding that the lawless badlands are a harsh place that can make or break a man.

All that was missing was a horse...

Step 8: Every Cowboy Needs a Horse

Before I could ride off into the sunset I needed a horse. But, not just any horse, my trusty steed, Silver. Luckily, my mode of transport was a separate project I had been working; my shimmering whitehorse bike.

The horse bike is exactly what it seems, a plastic children's horse attached to the modified seat of a kid's bike. With the bike retaining it's full functionality, and now looking like the Lone Ranger's iconic horse Silver, I was ready to saddle up and ride out.

Step 9: Add a Sidekick

I know what you're thinking, "didn't the Lone Ranger have a sidekick?". He sure did, his sidekick was the trusty and wise Tonto, who had a horse of his own named Scout.

I'd need a sidekick, too, if I were to be a legitimate Lone Ranger. So, I made my dog a Tonto dog rider costume to go along with mine. Together in costume, just like in real life, we're an unstoppable duo always out on adventure!

Check out the Tonto dog rider costume

Happy Halloween