Introduction: Long Board

I will be teaching you how to make a Long Board Deck!
Along the way I will point out my follies in the creation of this last deck so you may create a work of art that well exceeds mine!
Now there are a few preference points that you will need to decide on as you start your design -
- Deck purpose, is it a sliding deck, bombing deck, or a cruising deck?
  - depending on the purpose of the deck depends on the length and will alter your overall design.
  - sliding would look more like what i am making now, and between 34"-36", bombing 40"-41" and cruising can be short (like a fish board) or long (like a pin tail)
*Now ^ this is all preference to how you ride and you are free to try your own designs and i recommend looking at companies designs and purposes of boards to refine your design.

These are my two finished boards!

Step 1: On to the Building!

Ok the materials needed - 
- Ply Wood ( We used BC plywood and for the slider we used Red Oak, NOTE: the BC worked better.
- Tight Bond 3 Wood Glue(Its good stof!)
*- Fiberglass Mesh ( We used screen material, it doesn't add enough to be needed, feel free to try different inlay materials and give me feed back on your results!) -* Optional Material!

Tools - 

- Tape Mesure
- Pencil
- Saw 
- Clamps ( I have 12)
- Rasp ( for cleaning up and shaping the board)
- Sand paper ( I used 220)

Step 2: Continue!

Draw out your design before you start gluing and cutting!

Mesure Twice - Cut Once!!

Your design might change a little as you go, be flexible and fix what problems are thrown at you, and if you get stressed while working STOP AND EAT and come back to it after.

Step 3: Glue Time

Put glue on both sides of the wood, the wood glue relies on moisturizing the wood and soaking in. Don't be afraid to put to much glue on, the excess will squeeze out.

And use as many clamps as you can! the more pressure the better!

Leave the Board to dry in clamps for 24 hours.

Step 4: Start the Shaping!

Clean up the sides after the 24 hours, than draw on the shape and cut that sucker out!
This is where cutting and shaving will be a pain so take breaks and eat food!
and after you drill the holes sand the top and bottom so its all clean or you will get spots in your stain.

Step 5: Stain and Lacker

Make sure you sand both sides clean!
Have a ventilated area for the staining process.
Read your Stains instructions, mine said it needs 8 hours to dry.
One layer was enough for our tastes, so we went onto the clear Polyurethane Lacker, go with the ultra fast dry time, its and extra 2$ and saves about 30 minutes . . . i got impatient.

Once the Lacker has dried give it a nice sanding before a second coat is applied, and i recommend a second coat.

Step 6: Home Stretch!

Put those trucks on and go for a ride!!!
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