Introduction: You & Me Clock (Laser Cut)

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This is for those of you who’s significant other is in a different time zone. 
To summarize:
Arial font.
In CorelDraw: moved individual letters in place, then Combine. Make sure you only have one layer. Saved as dxf.
In Solidworks: Import dxf as 2d drawings. Scale it to desired sizes. Add holes. To create the backing, save as background. Use the sketch create an rectangle equal distance from the text. 
It is optional to design your own clock hands.

1.6 mm Acrylic sheets (White, Black)
3.175 mm Acrylic sheet (Mirror)
Clock movement accessories required
There are few more photos in flickr.

As always be mindful of your laser kerf and adjust as necessary.

Don't forget to vote for me if like my work. If I win the laser cutter I will be able to work on projects that are in larger scale and be able to prototype faster. And of course I will continues to share my work in an open source manner. 

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