Introduction: Long Handle Tool Storage Rack

About: I grew up on a farm where we had to be very self sufficient and DIY. Hard work and making and fixing what we had or needed is a way of life.

I have a previous ible of long handled tool storage that used a saloon door concept. It worked great but i out grew it with too many tools and i wanted to regain the small amount of floor space it ate up for more room to park my riding mower.

This is a very simple design that I found on Pinterest and couldnt locate any origan designer to credit. Just to be clear I didn't originally come up with this, in fact its so simple i know there are commercial products of this exact concept (because there is one for brooms that came with my shop).

I just wanted to share my take on it and offer some advice if anyone else is looking.

Step 1: Materials

I made my racks out of scrap 2x4s and some 1/2 & 3/4 inch plywood. I would reccomend 3/4 for strength but the 1/2 is holding up fine.

I also used drywall screws and glue for the joints.

Step 2: Cutting and Construction

Cutting list:

2 peices of 2x4 13 inches long
1 peice of plywood 5x10 inches
2 plywood triangles approximately 11x5 inches at the right angle. Those lengths are not thr hypotenuse side.

1. attach the triangular plywood peices to the rectangular peice. Make sure the angled portion of the triangle is pointing down.
2. attach 2x4s to the backing board with countersunk screws.
3. attach the triangles to the 2x4s with screws.
4. drill mounting holes in the backer board.

Thats really all there is to building the racks.

Step 3: Mount Racks

These racks will be able to hold a lot of weight so proper wall mounting is very important. In my case my garage is post frame construction with 2x6 purlins (nailer boards) that hold on tbe exterior metal sheeting. I ran vertical 2x4s to mount the racks too. Its simple and effective. In a regular stud framed wall you would need serious anchors or find a stud.

You can see in the photos i left the space between posts walled off to hold the really heavy stuff like slege hammers and steel breaker bars and tools that wouldn't have the right shape to hang properly.

These are quick build, take up no floor space, and hold a lot of tools. A big benift over my last design is the ability to stack similar tools almost on top of each other in stead of leaving them in a row.