Introduction: Long-Lasting, Bi-Fold, Duct Tape Wallet

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          This is an instructable that i have spent alot of time testing for quality and maximum longevity.  If you take your time on this instructable, this wallet could easily last at least a year from how long i have been making these and defiantly longer.  What makes it last a long time is its thickness which makes it sturdy.  It is on the more difficult side and if you want it to be its best, then it may take up as much as a few hours.  If you have the patience to make this then you will end up having a really good wallet!  I give them to my friends and see how well they hold up and look over a period of time.  I gave one to my most reckless friend about 6 months ago and its quality is in perfect condition.

P.S. even though in the materials it says there is a sample wallet, this wallet is 100% duct tape, the wallet is just used for reference.

Step 1: Supplies Needed

You will need:

Duct Tape
Some Sort of Cutting Surface
X-acto Knife or Craft Knife or Scissors (Not Recommended)
Real Wallet (For Reference)

Step 2: Making the Main Base

          Start with your X-acto knife, ruler, and any duct tape color (it doesnt matter what color because you will end up not seeing it).  Lay down a strip of tape and cut it to 8 1/2 inches. Then take your sample wallet and place another strip to what ever height it is.  Flip what you have so far over so the sticky side is up.  Now cover the sticky side with 8 1/2 inch strips. Then continue to place 8 1/2 strips around it -- not cutting off any excess-- wrapping the excess on to the next side.  Continue to do this until it is a pretty good thickness.  The thicker the base, the longer the wallet will last.  Once you get to your desired length, place two strips that are about 11 inches on your base and leave the excess over the sides and bottom, as we will need it in the next step.

Step 3: Making the Money Pouch

          First thing to do now is to cut a 7 3/4 inch long strip and do the same thing when you made the base except do not make it thick.

Now you have the elements to make the money pouch!

          To put it all together, you must first cut one rectangle from the each bottom side of the excess on the base as shown in pictures 6 and 7.  Also, cut a small rectangle from the excess on the base in the EXACT center as shown in picture 8. It will be different how wide each person makes it (a little less than an inch is recommended) but the exact center measuring from the 8 1/2 inch part of the base is 4.25 inches for those who are not feeling like doing the math today.  I had a hard time trying to explain the next part and it was too confusing to understand really, so just follow the pictures now.

          When you have finished, you now have the money pouch! If you are like me and don't want the color you used on the inside to show up then cover it up with your preferred color.  And you may want some more features in it, so continue through the instructable.

Step 4: Card Holders

          First thing to do is to cut a 4 1/2 inch long strip, then cover the back sticky side with another strip.  Now you can make 3 or 4 more of those (3 recommended) and begin to tape them together on the back side, 1 centimeter apart.  Because this is duct tape, it is sticky, so you may want to cover up the sticky part where you taped the strips together from the inside so your cards wont get stuck in.  Then take your sample wallet and fold over the edges to the length needed (make sure they will fit in the wallet) and tape the folded over part to the back.  Then cut a small strip of whatever color down the middle and put a little on the front of the wallet and fold the rest onto the back, so it will blend in when you use the same color tape to tape the card holders to the wallet. To make the cards still fit in it, where the slots are, cut the tape there.  Then duplicate another card holder but in mirror image for the strip of tape (see picture 12).

Now it is time to tape it in!

Take whatever color you used to make the strip along the side, and take the pieces and put them on the other side and bottom. Now cut a rectangle out of the bottom corner where the tape overlaps, and tape the card holder in.  Do the same with the other one, mirror image, of course.

Now you have completed the wallet and it could be in full use, but im guessing you will probably want to cover up the front where you can see where we taped in the card holders.

Step 5: Making It Look Good

          This is an optional step, but i would suggest it, and im guessing most makers of this wallet would want this too.  Its simple enough, just cover the back with whatever color you want, and then decorate it some more with a design or something else like stripes or checker board style (see my other instructable for how to make checkerboard)

          Now you have completed this wallet and enjoy using it!! Tell me what you think of the quality or ask of you need any help or additional advice.