Introduction: Long Range Paper Airplane

This paper airplane flys further, and higher than any you've ever made! (Maybe).


You will need one single sheet of paper, I used lined paper, but anything will work.

Step 1: Fold Your Paper

Fold your paper lengthwise, to create a long uniform line to use.

Step 2: Fold Both Top Corners Over

Fold both of your top corners to meet the middle line, just above halfway down.

Step 3: Fold the New Corners Down.

Once you have folded down the corners, fold them down together to the middle of the paper, to create this triangle shown in the picture.

Step 4: Fold New Triangles

Fold small triangles on both sides of the paper, and do it so there is a small triangle at the bottom of the fold.

Step 5: Use the Small Triangle!

Fold that small triangle up, this will lock your flaps in place, and prepare you to create the plane shape.

Step 6: Fold in Half

Fold your entire plane in half lengthwise, you will end up with a shape that looks like this.

Step 7: Create the Wings

Fold your wings against the main body of the plane, this will make the shape of the wings. The taller, the higher it goes.

Step 8: Create the Long-range Tunnel

Create a small tear in the back of the main body of the plane. This will allow it to travel further. Once torn, you can push it down before flight!