Long Range Wireless Water Level Indicator With Alarm | Range Up to 1 Km | Seven Levels




Introduction: Long Range Wireless Water Level Indicator With Alarm | Range Up to 1 Km | Seven Levels

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You may have seen many Wired and Wireless Water Level Indicators that would provide range up to 100 to 200 meters. But in this instructable, you are going to see a Long Range Wireless Water Level Indicator that can provide a theoretical range up to 1 km. And this prototype has a LOW level and Full Level Alarm. And definitely, it works for a real water tank.

Step 1: Material Required:

As it’s a wireless project you need to have transmitter and receiver. And here are the components required for Transmitter(Refer circuit diagram for more details):

RJ45 Ethernet Cable,

RJ45 female connector,




Female header strips,

Arduino Nano

Long Range RF Module (NRF24L01+PA+LNA) and

A custom made PCB.

For the receiver(Refer circuit diagram for more details):





Female header strips

Long Range RF module (NRF24L01+PA+LNA)

Arduino Nano

2.2’’ LCD display (ILI9225) and

A custom made PCB.

Step 2: Circuit and PCB Design:

Autodesk Eagle is used to design Circuit and layout for transmitter and receiver. I was having trouble searching Eagle Library for the LCD display, so I created a custom library for it. You can refer this video that shows How to ‘’Create A Custom Library In Autodesk EAGLE’’: https://youtu.be/FWbGdwL3-OU

Step 3: Gerber Export:

After completing design it’s time to export Gerber File. PCB manufacturer needs this file to produce PCB. To export Gerber File from Autodesk Eagle Design:

For Transmitter:

Click on File,

Cam Processor,

Load Job file,

Load cam jobs,

gerb274x.cam and

then process Job.

Now we need to repeat the process for excellon.cam. Make sure you save both process file in the same folder.

Click on File,

Cam Processor,

Load Job file,

Load cam jobs,

excellon.cam and

then process Job.

Combining both process gerb274x.cam and excellon.cam files will give u a Gerber file. Select files produced by these processes and make .rar file.

Now repeat the whole thing for receiver unit.

Step 4: Order PCB Online

After exporting Gerber files for transmitter and Receiver, I visited jlcpcb.com. JLCPCB is offering first order for just $2 (10 PCBs) and first shipping free. For 2nd order, you need to pay $5.

Step 5: Soldering:

I always prefer using Female strips instead of directly soldering main components. So they can be reused when needed. So before soldering, I prepared some strips and then did the soldering. I tried to keep it as clean as possible. Always refer PCB layout for inserting components.

Step 6: Uploading Program:

Now it’s time to upload Arduino code to Transmitter and Receiver.

Step 7: Testing

After uploading code I prepared testing probe by cutting one end of Ethernet Cable. As this cable consists of total 8 wires. One wire will be used as VCC pin and rest as a Water Level pins. So total Seven Levels.

I tested the circuitry in real water tank also and it worked fine.

You can get complete project detail below. And if you liked this instructable, don’t forget to subscribe my Youtube Channel https://goo.gl/CGHKT1

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    Question 1 year ago

    Thanks a lot for detailed and complete tutorial and all project files shared.
    I wanna know can i use 433mhz rf modules instead of these high range modules bcoz i dont need that much range. 50m is enough for me.
    Second you could use relay to controll pump on/off too and you might have to adjust the code too.

    Oriental Hornet
    Oriental Hornet

    Answer 1 year ago

    You can use 433mhz rf modules with modified circuit, at the same time you need to update code for both tx and rx. And yes it is also possible to use relay with circuit and code modification.


    Tip 2 years ago

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