Introduction: Long Sword 2.0

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The 2.0 has an improved wooden core, and a much thinner blade, along with other improvements like better social networking ability and increased pixel density.

1) Cardboard
2) A flat wooden rod. The thinner the rod, the weaker, the thicker, the thicker the blade. I used one that was probably about five millimeters thick and a half an inch wide.
3) Foam of various sorts
4) Foil tape
5) Electrical tape
6) Masking tape
7) Regular tape
8) Double sided tape
9) Three marble egg shaped things that I have no idea where I got.
10) Decorations. I used Recollections "Glitter on a Roll" (basically a tape roll that has glitter all over it and is carved up) which I'm totally not advertising because it looks great and the glitter comes off all over everything. I also used a bunch of rhinestone stickers.
11) Double sided tape

2.0 swords (this one included) are harder then the 1.0 and 3.0. However, they are much thinner then the 1.0, and the blades look significantly better. In some cases. The long sword 1.0 is pretty regal, but maybe that's just nostalgia. It was Laertes's sword in our production of Hamlet. It all depends how you make it. On the matter of plays, the 2.0s make better stage props: harder, slightly, but more realistic. The 1.0s are better for smacking people. If you want LARP swords that you can carve to look all fancy, try my first 3.0, the Dagger Spear.

UPDATE: There is now an I'ble explaining my latest weapon making methods here.