Introduction: Long Term Survival Bread(Damper)

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This is fairly basic recipe using shelf stable ingredients to make damper an australian type of soda bread

I make them ready to cook kinda like those cake mixes u buy at the supermarket, but it for bread and lasts longer than those mixes and the recipe is simple and easy to make or adjust if needed

I add these to my mre's that i make and the longest i had them for was about 4 years before they were eaten and it tasted fine :D

There is many ways to cook damper whether it be in the ashes of a fire or in a dutch oven or cooked at home u can look up how to cook damper and u should find plenty of info on it

Step 1: Every Thing You Need

-Self rising flour

-Milk Powder


-Vacuum Sealer

- Measuring Cups And Spoons

Step 2: Add Self Rising Flour

Add 1 & 1/2 cups of self rising flour

Step 3: Add Milk Powder

Add enough to make 1/2 cup of milk

For me it was half of a 1/4 cup of powdered milk which was about 12 grams

Step 4: Add Salt

1/4 Teaspoon of salt

Step 5: Mixing

Mix with butter knife or wooden spoon until it all mixed

Step 6: Vaccum Sealing

Place the mixture in a vacuum sealer bag and vacuum seal it

Note to start it off add in with a spoon full in to the bag so it easier to pour it in :D

Step 7: Storage and Cooking Info

In a vacuum sealed bag it should last 3-4 years if kept in a cool and dark area, the longest one i had was 4 years old and tasted fine so it should be fine for longer i expect it should go 5 or 6 years easy but cant be sure on it

To make add to 1/2 cups of water i find it nice for me but if i u wish to add more feel free too

To Cook At Home: turn the oven on to 180c and add the damper and wait 25 min it should be done

Out In The Bush or Outdoors: i recommend a dutch oven it should be done any were form 30-40 min at least form my experience or if no dutch oven it could be cooked on a stick simply shave all the bark off and make a long bread stick loaf sort of shape and insert the stick in to it and cook just near the flames but not in them u want to cook it not burn it and u got bread on a stick lol XD but using a mess kit is another option but i never tried it so i cant give any info on that

There is more info on youtube on how to cook it and there many ways to cook it just search damper cooking