Introduction: Long Wallet

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You can have this acrylic pattern from here:

The finished size is: 7.7" x 3.5" x 0.8 (19.5cm x 9cm x 2cm).


Hardware: 20cm No.3 zipper x1, No.3 slider x1, 201 snap x1.

Leather: 1.0mm(2.5oz) leather 35cm x 20cm.

Tools: If you are a new leather player, try to considerate to have tool kit here:

Step 1: First Let Me Show You How to Make a Zipper.

Step 2: Cut All Leather Pieces From Acrylic Pattern.

Step 3: Punch All Stitching Holes on Leather Use Pattern.

Step 4: Sew Zipper on Zipper Hole, and Then Use Groover to Make Grooves on Surface's Flesh Side. the Grooves Will Make the Surface Easier to Be Folded. Also Shoot 201 Snap On.

Step 5: Sew 2 Pieces of Card Slots on Zipper Puch Leather and Card Slot Back Leather, But Only Sew Bottom Stitching Line As Picture Shows.

Step 6: Sew Zipper Pouch to Form a Pouch, and Put the Finished Combination Into Folding Surface.

Step 7: Punch Stitching Holes on Surface.

Step 8: Sew Middle Stitching Lines to Finish This Wallet.