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Introduction: Long Wrap Chain and Rainbow Jump Ring Necklace

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I wanted to try another necklace design using the rainbow jump rings and chains I already had. I decided to make a long chain necklace that can be worn wrapped or just long. Have fun changing up the pattern and colors!

I used the same materials as my Layered Rainbow Necklace.

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Measure your neck and get an idea of how long you want it. I wanted the necklace to work well wrapped twice around my neck but also be possible to be worn unwrapped/long.

Step 1: Cut the Chains

To decide how long the chains would need to be, I decided how many of each color of jump ring I would need (5 of each), how many that would be total (35), how long the necklace would be (I shot for 50" and ended up with just over 49") and then did some measuring of how long a single jump ring attached to chain would be.

I ended up using chains that were about 1.25" long.

If you make a necklace with no jump ring, you will need 35 pieces of chain. If you end up wanting a clasp, you'll need 34.

You can prep all the chains ahead of time or do them as you go.

Step 2: Attach Jump Rings

Once you have your chains, you can start attaching your jump rings. I went with rainbow color order, but you can do them in whatever order you want.

Get them all connected. If you are not using a clasp, connect it all together and you'll be done.

Step 3: Attach Clasp

If you want to attach a clasp, figure out how much chain you'll need to have your clasp section about the same length as the other sections. With my clasp and 7mm jump ring, I ended up using 4 chain links on each side.

Step 4: Wear

Try it out and see what you think! I prefer wearing necklaces high, so I'll likely mostly wear this wrapped twice, but for some clothing I could see wearing it long or only wrapped once.

Step 5: Also Made It in Black

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    3 days ago on Step 5

    Thank you Penolope,
    It is a really simple but pretty necklace. I am going to follow your instructions and make some to sell from my craft business. By chance, do you know if the anodized jump rings can be soft soldered the same as silver or gold. If not, can they be soldered at all.