Long and Short Dual Purpose Skateboard

Introduction: Long and Short Dual Purpose Skateboard

In our life, we can often see that many young people skate and show all kinds of cool and difficult actions. Skateboards have their own ways of playing, so skateboarders with long boards or short boards have to buy more skateboards if they want to try another way of playing, which increases the inconvenience of carrying skateboards and the cost of buying skateboards. However, with this long and short dual-purpose skateboard, these problems will be solved.

(Figure1: long skateboard,Figure2: short skateboard)

Step 1: Step 1: Build the Board

First, draw the middle part of the skateboard with the sketch, and divide it into five parts, stretch and fillet it, then use the connecting rod to connect the parts through the rotary connection, and finally draw the grass picture on the side of the skateboard, draw the front and rear ends of the skateboard, stretch and cut it, and fillet it. y dividing the skateboard into five parts, the connecting rod is connected together to reach the bottom of the folding plate.

Long skateboard: 1600 * 250

Short skateboard: 1200 * 250

(Figure 1: middle part of skateboard,Figure 2: rotary connection,Figure 3: front and rear end of sliding plate)

Step 2: Step 2: Build the Scaffold

Use sketch, stretch, create cylinder to draw bracket,then use sketch, stretch to make hub, finally use rigid connection to connect the two components together.

(Figure1: bracket,Figure 2: hub)

Step 3: Step 3: Build Wheels

Draw the wheel with the sketch, stretch it,chamfer the edge of the wheel, and connect the wheel with the bracket through the connection. Curving the edge of the wheel can reduce the wear on the edge of the wheel.


(Figure 1: wheels,Figure 2: bracket and wheel)

Step 4: Step 4: Render the Skateboard

Insert the image to expand the entire skateboard,render the skateboard parts, make the skateboard appearance more cool, and select photos in the folding part that fit more closely with the non-folding part.

(Figure 1: rendered long skateboard,Figure 2: rendered short skateboard)

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