Introduction: Long Live the Jumperoo

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I came across a baby jumperoo today that had been thrown out because the pad was black with dirt/stains and the fabric was so mildew that the understraps actually broke off when you tried to bend them. I think it had been left outside in our Florida weather. But I noticed that the frame was still in good shape and the springs were good, and all it needed was new fabric. So I brought it home, and gave it life for my nine week old baby to enjoy.


An old jumperoo frame
1/2 yard of fabric
velcro/ or straps
Sewing machine
Bleach water
Screw Driver

Step 1: Clean and Take Apart

So I took off the old center pad, and the fabric was so rotten the straps just broke off, I posted a pic to show how old, stained, and rotten it was. Then I cut the spring fabric covers off. I took the jumperoo apart, and took it to the kitchen sink and washed it down with bleach water, to kill all the germs.

Next I took a screw driver and took off the main plastic center and disconnected it from the springs, and washed all of that with bleach water as well.

Step 2: Making a New Pad

I took the old pad, and cut it down the sides. I placed it on top of my new fabric so that I knew what size to make the new one, and cut around it. I used two different colors, but you can use what ever you want, and even match it to your nursery. Then I pinned the one rightside in on top the other and pinned around the outside of it all, leaving the center open so that I could turn it rightside out later.

Sew around the outside of the fabric, turn it right side out and then sew the middle and sides together. Place your pad back in the middle of the plastic center and mark where your straps need to be. I used velcro on mine. Take and make a T with your straps. Sew the base of the T to your fabric, and the top of the T will be going through the hole on the base.

Your pad is complete

Step 3: Making the Spring Covers

Take your fabric and cut out four strips that will be wide enough to cover the spring. Then fold over the ends to keep them from fraying, and sew them. Then sew them length wise rightside in. After you sew them turn them rightside out, and pull the string and spring out the end. Sew or hotglue the new fabric to the top and bottom of the string.

Then pull all three through the hole on the base, put the metal clip back through the hole on the strip and spring, and secure it with the screws. You are complete. Just put the jumperoo back together, and you have a new jumperoo!

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