Introduction: Brisingr - Long Sword - 1.0

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This is Brisingr, the long sword 1.0, one of the few of my weapons that actually has a name. I did NOT make up that name, but when we used it (along with the other 1.0 sword, back when 1.0 was the latest) in the duel for our production of Hamlet, Laertes decided to call it Brisingr. Now there's so much nostalgia and good memories caught up in that name that it's stuck and I don't mind. It's nice to have an official name.

All that aside, let's talk about the sword itself. Ironically, I'm posting the 1.0s (there's a ninjato coming up) later then I posted the 2.0s and 3.0. That's because I left my instructables account slightly neglected for a bit... as I sometimes tend to do. The 1.0s, this sword included, have been through a lot. In this instructable, they do not look the same as when I first made them. They're a bit worse for wear, and they've also changed around quite a bit. We could say that they've been taken to the repair shop, modded, and fixed up as much as they could be, though they still bear the marks of past fun at cast parties. The 1.0s don't look quite as realistic as the 2.0s. These are best for hitting people in duels and combat. They don't last as long, and need repairs every now and then, but they don't hurt whatsoever. They're rather simple, and thicker blade-wise than the 2.0s and 3.0s, but if you're looking to go out to the park with some friends and wage wars on each other, 1.0 is probably a good idea.

What are they made of (now)? Pretty much everything, almost all of which is recycled. I'll try to cover what I can:
1) A Cordmate cord cover - or something like this. One of the few non recycled items.
2) Cardboard
3) A marble for the pommel
4) Thin foam sheets that you might get in a shipment box - small celled is good.
5) Wire
6) Some sort of foam pad, I used a camp pad that turned out to have very large cells, though it was closed cell. Try for small cells, but anything fairly sturdy works.
7) Electrical tape
8) Masking tape
9) Regular tape (scotch or something, the stuff that comes in a plastic dispenser)
10) Decorations - I used rhinestone stickers
11) Foil tape

If you're a ninjato junky like me, but want to use the 1.0 ideas, check out the ninjato 1.0.

UPDATE: There is now an I'ble explaining my latest weapon making methods here.