Introduction: Loom IPhone 5c Charm

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This is a really cute charm that I made on behalf of Lshall21, so thank you to Lshall21! This charm requires a movable loom (sorry!). I hope you enjoy!

Step 1: Gather Needed Materials

•Loom Bands
•Any Moveable Loom
•Loom Pick or Crochet Needle
•Another Hook or Pencil

Step 2: Double Bands

This whole charm will use double bands unless directed differently. The thing about this charm is that it's an iPhone 5c, so you can use any color for the border. So, take double of your border bands and put them on your loom. Do as shown.

Step 3: The Center

In the center, go down two times using double border color bands.

Step 4: Apps in the Making

Have you ever wanted to make your own app? Well now you can! Take a single band and wrap it around your hook 3 times, creating 4 loops. Then slide it onto a single band that is the color of your background. I chose clear bands for my background, but of you don't have clear bands, use whatever kind of bands you want. Make as many or as little apps as you would like. I also suggest using two-toned bands, because they look really cool!

Step 5: Adding the App

Place a single band that is the color of your background as shown. Then place the app on top of it, also shown.

Step 6: Fill It Up

Repeat the last step until you have reached the the third peg from the bottom.

Step 7: Border Color

Place double bands of your border color as shown.

Step 8: Repeat

Do this to the leftmost side of your loom as shown.

Step 9: Horizontal Bands

Take double bands and place them across your loom as shown.

Step 10: Looming

Loom as shown, only on the rightmost side and the center.

Step 11: Slip Knot

Create a slip knot at the top of the right side and the center as shown.

Step 12: Remove

Push down all of the bands on the leftmost side. Then carefully removed ONLY the right and center bands. Keep the unloomed bands on the left side down!

Step 13: Rearrange

This is the tricky part. Carefully take apart your loom, rearranging it so that the side that used to be on the left is on the right, and the center and what used to be the right are not in their places. You can also look at the picture for detail. If you have two movable looms, then connect those and continue.

Step 14: Repeat

Place bands as you did before, with your background color and apps and the border color. Loom at the picture for detail.

Step 15: Loom It

Loom the rightmost side and the center, once again leaving the leftmost side unloomed.

Step 16: Slip Knots Again

Create slip knot me again, just as before.

Step 17: Rearrange Again

Rearrange your loom again as before, unless you have two moveable looms.

Step 18: Border

In the center, go down using double border color bands.

Step 19: Doubling Single Bands

Double a single border color band, placing it on your loom as shown. Repeat once more. Then double a single background color and place on your loom as shown. Follow the pictures for detail.

Step 20: Loom

Loom bother the rightmost side and the center.

Step 21: Slip Knots

Make two more slip knots.

Step 22: A... What Is This?

When you take your phone off of the loom, it will look like some sort of rainbow wheel. Pulling and teasing is what gets it that rectangle shape.

Step 23: Hiding the Slip Knits

Once your phone is straight, it will look messy because of the slip knots. To hide them, go to the back of the phone and put your hook through a random spot and grab the slip knot, pulling it through the random spot.

Step 24: Start Playing!

Now you have a really cute iPhone 5c charm! Thanks again to Lshall21 for suggesting this, and thank you to everyone who looked at it. Thanks and I hope you enjoy!