Introduction: Loom With Combs

There are many ways to make a loom to make beautiful neat thread, necklaces or other types of accessories, with different types of colors and shapes in beads, thread, wool or whatever material we choose to make accessories.
This way of making a loom is very economical and practical to make, we can do it with materials that we usually have at home and it will make it very easy to make an accessory.

Step 1:


1. Wooden board 18cm x 33 cm
4. 14.5cm x 1.5cm wooden sticks
2. hair combs
8. screws
2. Small screws
4. nails
1. drill
1. meter
1. hammer
1. sandpaper

Step 2: Cut and Sand

The first thing we will do is to price a board of any type of wood, I chose plywood, 18 cm x 33 cm, this measurement is used for a small loom to make handles and necklaces, although it can be made larger according to the needs.

After cutting the board we proceed to sand with a soft sandpaper, this process is so that the surface is smooth and level, if we want to paint or varnish it this will make the paint have a better finish, in my case leave the natural wood, already that I liked its natural veins

Step 3: Place the Comb

For my part I had two tail combs, since the teeth of this are very fine, but you can use other types of combs that we have, cut the handle of the comb since this will not be useful for the loom.

We will place the comb centered on top of one of the cut sticks leaving 2 cm on each side, then with two nails we will glue the comb to one of the wooden sticks.

We will do this with the 2 combs on two of the 4 wooden sticks.

Step 4:

The next thing will be to cut 4 wooden sticks of 14.5cm x 1 cm x 1 ½ cm

After we cut the 4 wooden sticks, with the help of a drill we will make two holes in 2 of the wooden sticks, these will be made leaving the measurement of 2 cm on each side.

Step 5:

The next step will be to take one of the sticks that the comb has and a stick to which 2 holes were opened with the drill to join them.

Following this, what we will do is insert 2 screws through the holes that have already been made until the tip of the screw appears, and then we will take the other stick with the comb and measure with the tips of the screws, held with our hands and when once they are well even, the screwing will be completed by joining the two sticks and leaving the comb in the middle.

Step 6:

This process will be followed with the other two wooden sticks, in order to obtain two equal pairs that will be placed at each end.

Step 7:

Then take the table and center the sticks already assembled with the combs, leaving 5 cm on each side, with the help of a pencil trace where the wooden sticks end, in order to know where to make the holes with the drill to join the sticks with the combs to the table.

Step 8:

After centering and leaving 5 cm on each side, screw 4 screws underneath to assemble the pieces made with the combs to the board.

Step 9:

To finish, we center and screw a small screw halfway, which will help us to tie and tighten the threads, the Nylon or any fiber that we want to use to make different fabrics for Neat thread or necklaces.

Step 10:

I will leave an example with colored yarn so that you can see how the fibers are tied to start knitting beautiful handles or any type of woven accessory that we want to make.

This is a very easy and practical loom to make.

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