Loom Making

Introduction: Loom Making

so you need 22 ruber bands for the desighn and a metel hook or plastik but it will be harder to use a plastik hook i call it a infinity bracelet now we are going to make the frame on the out side take ruber bands and make a v where the arows are pointing and go up your loom and then make a v on the other side and do the same thing puss all the ruber bands down it will make it easier to loop later to make a infinity sine is like caping but we dont bring it bake to its self so do that make a cap band on the last band now we are ready to start hooking turn the loom arownd so the arows are faceing you go in and get the top right band and bring it to your left do that to the other side then take the other bands and hook up to all and then make an estenchen if you like it tell me and any questens i will answer

Step 1:

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