Introduction: Loomless Pumpkin Charm

Pumpkin Charm WITHOUT A Rainbow Loom.

Step 1: Materials

You'll need:
57 Orange Bands
15 Green Bands
6 S or C Clips
1 Looming Hook (preferably metal)

Step 2: Cap

Make a cap with a single orange band.

Step 3: The Chain

Thread two(double)orange bands through the cap and start building a chain. Make the chain four lengths then thread double green bands through the top. Place an S clip thereof the green bands so it doesn't fall apart. Pull your looming hook out and thread it through the cap again.

Step 4: More of the Same

Remember to already thread you're looking hook only through the cap the begin your next chain. each chain should have four levels of orange and one level of green. DON'T FORGET to use DOUBLE BANDS! Keep going until you have 7 chains.

Step 5: Threading All the Chains Together

Now thread you looming hook through the top of all to the chains you made then CAREFULLY remove the clips. Your hook should look like picture 2.

Step 6: Finishing Up

Your should have one green bands left. this is to lock your pumpkin in place so it won't unravel. First, take that last green bands and place a clip on it. (pic 1)The hook is to keep the band from going all the way through the top of the pumpkin. Now, put the non hook path of the green band on your loom hook and slowly thread it through all the bands on your hook. ( pic 2)

Step 7: Perfecting It

Stick your loom hook into the middle of the pumpkin (you'll see what I'm talking about) and grab the band you used to lock the top then thread it through so it's sticking out the top. You can add another band if you'd like you make it longer. Hope my instructions were clear. Post pictures of your pumpkins and please comment and followe me. ENJOY! ***(Stay tuned for my next project, candy. I'll be using the ghosts, pumpkins, and candy to make a cute Halloween charm bracelet! )***