Introduction: Loose/Lost Tap Handles?

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Hows it going ? I love instructables and im excited every time i get a new email with new InStructaBles (ISB) for short.

This is an easy Repair job for anyone with a broken or lost Tap handle ( (Facet) i think its called overseas) . a hammer is required and abit of creativity.

Step 1: Find Some Stainless Door Knobs

just like the title said , youll need to find some doorknobs that have a square or round centre hole.

picture three shows the complete door knob ,
you need too remove the bottom fixing flange by hand , my doorknob had a clip holding the bits together , to be fair I used a flat Head screwdriver and flicked the clip out.
Picture 5 shows the flange removed and only the doorknob itself remains.

Step 2: Stamping the Profile

Your taps must be the ones with the brass
shaft sticking out from either the wall or basin or sink. the brass shaft is called a spindle. IMAGE 1/((( is the imprint of the spindle having completed this next step))))
With your door knob in one hand and hammer in the other hand line up the centre hole of the doorknob and the spindle. Use the side of the hammer so you dont make damage of handle and smack the handle gently gently bit by bit onto the spindle dont move the handle at all while your imprinting the spindle profile into the door handles centre hole. once you have gently smacked the door knob as far as it will go onto the spindle your done , you can choose to remove the new door handle tap and somehow glue or weld it onto the spindle but I dont recommend doing that . WollAh !!

test your new handles by turning the taps (facets) on and off. if it dosnt work and the handles just spin well try again with another one.
I found the ones i used in this ISB in a skip , attached to a door, which required only removing 2 flat head screws . Free Door Knobs!!

Step 3: Turn the Tap

hope it worked ok , I thought maybe
instead of glue or welding the handle onto the spindle some 2 Part epoxy putty would work if you can get enough into the cavity of the Inside of the door handle after you have imprinted the profile , the Epoxy will set and you will still be able to remove the Handles,

Note this is a temporary replacement of taps as my client whos job the photos came from didnt have any handles or money.

Kind Regards
Tom W

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