Lord Voldemort - No Special Effect Make Up Used

Introduction: Lord Voldemort - No Special Effect Make Up Used

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So this was my first attempt to make a mock "Voldemort" look without any special effect make up.

What did I use you ask? Well tons of foundation, some masking tape and most of all sports taping (you know, the ones used for sports injuries)!

I will post a step by step as soon as I figure out how to make this look even better and make the entire process simpler!

In the mean time here are the few photos of my first try... Not great but I promise to make the tutorial worth it!

I am wearing a black swim cap in the photos (if you have long hair and want to wear a wig I highly recommend swim caps instead of wig caps! Not only will it stay on your head, it does a terrific job keeping your head look "flat" all around)

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    Julianne fights Dragons!
    Julianne fights Dragons!

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Oh you're right, it looks more like those zombies than voldemort... I guess I'm going to need to tweak some things haha