Introduction: Lost Wax Casting for Beginners

About: As of writing this Im a 15 year old who is a metalworker and blacksmith.

This is my first instructible I have writen and im 14 so please keep that in mind when reading.This instructible will show the process ive found for making wax parts into metal parts.

This process can be very fun and educational but can also be dangerous.Plese use as many safety precautions as possible. I am not responsible for and injuries caused by attemping anything shown here.

The materials you will need are
Plaster of paris
Something to heat metal in
Something to melt the metal
Safety equipment.
Files and sand paper
Various blades (if you are carving your wax)

Step 1: The Waxes

This step is very important to the process because its what you eventually cast in metal.For this step you can carve or 3d print your wax pieces.Depending on what metal you want to cast with avoid super thin edges or parts, because some metals dont flow well when constricted (aluminum is the main one I have worked with) and other metals (bronze zinc copper and tin) all cast better in this way.Add a pouring spout and vents to the part amd proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Investment

This step is very important to the whoe process because if done wrong then the whole thing will fail.So the first step is to make a box (i make mine from legos) and make sure it holds water.Then next you want to mix up the plaster of paris until its a runny pancake batter consistency and pour it into the mold, then carefully press the wax down into the still wet plaster. Leave the plaster to harden for about 2 hours.

Step 3: Burnout

Now that the plaster is hardened you want to get the wax out of the mold so it doesn't explode when you pour the metal.This step is one of the easier ones.Put the plaster in something that will melt the wax out (an oven or kiln will work).I have a little thing that i use to heat molds i designed that uses a torch (see picture above) but you dont need that.Leave the mold in there until all the wax is melted out.

Step 4: Casting

This is the most important part in this whole process.Once the wax is all burned out you will need to start melting the metal,depending on what metal you are melting you might be able to do it on the stove,however im melting bronze so im using my charcoal foundry here.Heat the metal until it flows nicely around when touched, then carefully lift the crucible out of the fire amd pour the metal into the pouring spout. Wait for the metal to solidify and quench into water.Break open your mold to see the part (if it dosent work then try again this is a skill and an art and is not an easy skill to learn)

Step 5: Clean Up

This step is mostly up to you on how you do it.After taking out your part you may want to clean it up or polish it or cut the sprew off, but like i said this step is up to you.

Step 6: Done!

Now you have a finished metal cast part you made.
Hopefully you enjoyed this instructible and if you have any questions feel free to ask them.

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