Introduction: Lotus Dangle Earring

- 1 pair large kidney wires
- 2 head pins, 2 inch
- 2 lotus filigree
- 2 beads, 8 mm
- 2 beads, 4mm
- (optional, additional 3 mm spacer beads or seed beads for using on top of 8 mm bead)

- Eurotool hole punch
- Round nose pliers
- Chain nose pliers

Click Here for a printable version of this tutorial

Step 1: Hole Punch Filigree

Use the hole punch to create a hole in the center of the lotus filigree as shown. Repeat with other filigree.

Step 2: Thread Head Pin

Thread a head pin with 4 mm bead, lotus filigree and 8 mm bead.* Create wire wrapped loop to secure bead. Feed loop onto kidney wire. 

*add optional 3 mm or seed bead at this time

Step 3: Repeat

Repeat for other earring.