Introduction: Lotus Flower

In this Instructable I Show how to Make a Beautiful Lotus flower to decorate.You can use this Flower to hang in your Car (I have one at Mirror...)If you make multiples of this Lotus Flower you can make a Garland to Decorate your Door or something like that.
Items Needed:
Colour Papers with Size 7cm x 4cm : We need 3 Colors and each colour with 3 Pieces,Green Colour for Leaves and any 2 Colours for Petals as you need. I have used a Special Paper which is shiny on One side and the otherside is Plain.
Fixing Item - You can use Thread or Rubber Band or Stapler (If you use Long Thread you can make a Garland...)

Step 1: Basic Folding Step

Its the Simple Folding method and this folding process is repeated for all petals using same procedure.

Fold the Paper exactly half as shown in 1st Photo. If you have a double sided Paper, use Shiny side as innerside.Fold the Corner edge as shown in 2nd Photo. Do this to remaining 3 edges -Result is Like in 3rd Photo.
Fold the Long side as Shown in 4th Photo. Do the Other Long side also.Thats it, Its the Basic Folding for Lotus Petals.Do the Same Steps 1-5 to All 6 Petal Papers.

Step 2: Folding the Leaves

For the Leaves also Follow the Same Procedure 1 - 5 as described for Petals.Then Open the Folded Paper as Shown in 3rd Photo and reverse the Folding, thats it.... Do this for all 3 Leaves..

Step 3: Placing Sets of Paper Together

Place the Papers as follows..First Hold the Green Leaves Paper as shown in 1st Photo.Then Place the Colour Petal Paper (Which u want out side for the Lotus) as shown in 2nd Photo.Then Comes the Last Petal Paper as shown in 3rd Photo.Repeat it for the remaining 6 Papers -> Result will be we have 3 sets of 3 Papers as Shown in 4th Photo.

Step 4: Tying All Set of Papers Together

Place the 3 Sets of Papers as shown in 1st Photo.Tie in the middle with a Thread or Band.

Step 5: Spreading and Opening the Inner Row of Petals

Spread the Sets as Shown in the 1st Photo.Now comes the Main Part - Opening the Petals.
Open by holding the Upper Layer with two hands as shown in 2nd Photo.Now do the Same thing for the Complete 6 Petals of the Inner Row.

Step 6: Opening the Outer Row of Petals

Now open the Outer Row Petals one by one as did for the Inner Row.Overlap the Petals to get a good Shape.Result should be like in the Photos.

Step 7: Opening the Leaves - Final Step

Opening the Leaves is a bit Simple compared to the Petals.Just Press the Leaves simultaniously opening the Edges -> Result should be like in 1st Photo.
Do the Same thing for remaining 5 Leaves -> Result should be as shown in photos.
Finally adjust the Petals if any correction needed.Thats It..Lotus is Finished.You can cut the Thread or use it to hang or you can also use the Thread to fix a next lotus so that it become a Garland.

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