Introduction: Lotus Flower Hairpins

Ingredients to make three hair pins:
- 3 dapped lotus filigree flowers, 20 mm
- 3 flat lotus filigree flowers, 20 mm
- 3 glass beads, 6 to 8 mm (larger beads)
- 18 glass beads, 4 mm (smaller beads)
- 12 antique brass oval jump rings, 3 x 4 mm
- 3 bobby pins
- 36 inches beading wire, .012 or .010, cut into three 12-inch sections

- Chain nose pliers
- Wire cutters
- 527 glue

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Project adapted from Beading With Filigree.

Step 1: Thread Bead to Filigree

Using one section of beading wire, sew a larger bead to the center of one of the dapped flowers by threading the wire through the front of the filigree and knotting the wire on the back of the filigree. Leave one end of the wire longer (approx. 8 inches) than the other.

Step 2: Tread 4mm Beads to Filigree

Pass the long of the wire to the front of the flower and string a small bead onto the wire. Use the wire to sew the bead on the front of the filigree. Repeat around the flower to add six 4-mm beads in all. Tie a square knot on the back of the flower and trim the excess wire. Set the beaded flower aside.

Step 3: Connect Filigrees Around Bobby Pin

Slide one flat flower into a bobby pin so the pin hooks in the dip between petals. Place a beaded flower on top of the flat flower so the petals line up. Use jump rings to attach the top two and bottom two petal points. The flower may move slightly on the bobby pin but can be made more secure by placing a small drop of glue to the filigree before attaching it to the bobby pin.

Step 4: Repeat

Repeat to make two more hairpins.