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Introduction: Lounge Suite

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Take it or leave it ... Either way you wont believe it...

This actually started of as a bench project....

Step 1: Setting Pellets Together

  1. Apologies people I do not have a list of how many nails and screws I used. Rather I would say use as many as you like to ensure sturdiness.
  2. Ok lets do this...
    • One Pneumatic 2-in-1 Stapler and Nail gun
    • A compressor to use the gun
    • Countless Nails
    • A bit less Staples
    • Zero Screws
    • A few Pallets
  3. So this started of as a bench project. I had more than a few pallets at home which I got for free from a very generous friend and I decided to put them together and make a bench for my BBQ/Braai area.
  4. Towards the end of this specific one I realised I used one too many pallets.
  5. Six pallets for the seating area
  6. Two pallets for the back rest
  7. One cut up pallet for the arm rest

Step 2: Cutting Edges and Sanding Down

  1. Ok, so at this point I cut off the edges of the pallets that were sticking out and sanded the bench down.
  2. Fixed on the arm rests
  3. and was about to treat and varnish when I realised that I had a few sheets of Masonite board in the garage.
  4. Used Masonite board to cover up the front just to see what it would look like.
  5. It looked kinda neat so I left it on and closed shop for the evening.

And that evening the though of upholstering it struck...

Step 3: Upholstering

  1. The next day I went and got some advice from an upholsterer friend of mine on how to go about upholstering this bench of mine.
  2. I gave him the size of it and he told me what I would require in terms of foam and material.
  3. I purchased what I was advised to and then began the upholstering process.

Any feedback/advice regarding the upholstering will be greatly appreciated as this was my first attempt at it. I got verbal lessons from my friend and youtube (who I consider to be my friend as well).

It didn't end here.....

Step 4: Struck Up Side the Head by Inspiration

I then got on to making a single and a double seater.

Again I must apologise... I do not have pics of the whole process for these as I was not part of the I'bles family at that point. Therefore I have a few pics here and there.

Any way as you can see in these pics I used a lot less pallets and made it more manageable to move around. As is a normal lounge suite.

The end result is what you see in the cover picture.

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    7 years ago

    Never seen such an amazing low-cost-project. Considering, that most 1000€ Couches are made of rubbish, this is even better quality.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you.

    1000EUR = 13 925.64 South African Rands and that could buy you something pretty decent "looking". But I can promise you it will not be as sturdy as this one. *Unless it's custom made.


    7 years ago

    So how much did your couch end up weighing by the end of the project???


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Errrrr, the 3 seater if I have to estimate was about "way too much"

    I seriously have no idea but the 3 seater was way too heavy.

    Hence, when I decided to make this into a lounge suite I used less material on the other 2. Those are your average size and weight of normal couches.