Introduction: Love Box: Love and Rose, Tree and Sea

About: I love my life very much. I am passionate about making handicrafts. I hope to use them to explain my love for life and my hope for the future.

This is a box full of love, a projection light reflecting love. There are six different patterns with different meanings in the six sides of the cube.

• Heart and rose represent love.

• Tree means forever.

• Sea means generosity.

• The clover on the topside represents happiness.

• The hole on the bottom side is used to change the candlelight inside the box.

When it turns to dark, the candlelight could project the pattern to the wall and reflect your real heart to your lover.

Step 1: Design in Illustrator

Open Website Url:

Input the dimensions and material thickness and download the SVG file.

Open the file in Adobe Illustrator, you will see the outline of the box.

Draw whatever patterns you like in Adobe Illustrator and copy the box outline to your AI file.

Step 2: Cut the Six Sides Out

Use laser cutting to print the six sides with patterns in birch plywood.

Step 3: Design the Basement of the Candlelight

Measure the size of the candlelight and design it in Illustrator

I use Acrylic to be the basement because it is smoother than wood, which might be easy to put in and take out for changing a battery.

Because the accuracy of the measurement and the cutting force and speed will affect the size of the final object, I spent much time on grinding and polishing the Acrylic ring to make it just fit the hole of the wood.

Then, stick the two layers of Acrylic together.

Step 4: Decorate

Use the heart-shaped pieces which were cut off previously to decorate on the top, making several clover shapes.

Stick "Family" on the bottom of the tree side to represent “Family is a strong backing and support, as the root of a tree”.

Step 5: Assemble All the Items

Assemble the sides, and stick them using wood glue or hot glue.

Step 6: Wait Until the Evening

When it turns dark, turn on the candlelight! Done!