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Introduction: Love Card With Scratch-off Paint

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Are you looking for an original idea for a card for St. Valentine’s Day, anniversary or birthday? Try to make this scratch off card with my Instructable. It's an easy method to make spice up your card with some scratch-off paint.

You can customize your scratch off card to fit your idea and the occasion. Use your imagination to decorate it with stickers, paint and ink, even rhinestones…

I have made a bunch of interesting cards already and written tutorials on some of them. You can find them here.


  • heavy weight paper
  • ink pen or something nice to write with
  • acrylic paint
  • brush
  • dish soap
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • transparent adhesive tape
  • anything to decorate: paint, ink, stickers...
  • spray varnish if you're using paint that stains

Step 1: Start With the Text

Start with the text - as you can see I wrote a part that will be visible on the card without having to scratch off anything. That part should be kind of the title of your card, so for example "I love you because", "Happy birthday", "On this day I wish you..."

Then write the text that will be in the scratch-off area and make the fields around it (hearts, circles, anything)

Cover the inside of the fields (the text) with the tape.

Step 2: Scratch-off Paint

Mix 2 units of acrylic paint with 1 unit of the dish soap (I used a 1ml spoon to measure).

Using a brush paint the fields with the mixture and let it dry. That's really all there's to the scratch-off pain, easy, isn't it?

Step 3: Decorate and Cut

Decorate the card in any way you like. I like to do this before I cut out the card but you can cut out the card first and then decorate.

What I do is I measure the card and make a few small dots with a pencil to have an idea about where I'm going to cut. I don't make lines with the pencil because usually I paint the future edges of the card with water paint and the pencil is visible under it. Then I paint whatever I want with watercolors and ink, sometimes I add a rhinestone, some tiny wooden decoration or anything that fits the theme of the card.

Then I cut out the card.

If you have used paint that stains, spray the card with varnish.

Give the scratch off card to your loved one together with a coin for scratching off the secret message!

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    I always wanted to have something like that!


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    Looks cool!