Introduction: Love Is for Gamers, the Arduino Project Made for Singles

This Instructable is about my Arduino project called "Love is for Gamers" which started out as a tool for giggles and fun. It isn't perfect or anything, but it works.

Step 1: Step One

  • First, we need to gather our materials.

  • One Arduino UNO
  • One breadboard
  • Jumper wires
  • Two LEDs (green and red)
  • Resistors
  • Two pressure sensors
  • One button

Step 2: Step Two: Setup

This shows where I've placed my materials and in which order I did it.

Unfortunately, there isn't a picture of where the reset button is placed, but two jumper wires are soldered onto a button and placed in the Ground and Reset.

The pressure sensors are placed into A29/A30 and J24/25 with resistors in-between.

The green LED is placed in A5 and red in B14.

Step 3: Positioning the Jumper Wires As Shown Above.

Step 4: Step 3: Coding, Coding!

The code was writted for the following purpose:

  • To play the game in which two people have to press into a pressure sensor. The code makes sure the sensor calculates whether your strength is close to your partner's. If it's close, green will light up, and if not, the red one.

The code has a delay which is used to prevent the light from switching every single second and stay the color it shows first. That will make it fair.

When you're done playing, make sure to press reset so the next one can have a go!

Step 5: Step 4: Last But Not Least...

Feel free to change or tweak anything in the code! It's for fun and good vibes, so who knows what you can do with a sweet little game like this?

Happy playing!