Introduction: Love Puzzle

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"The world is a puzzle
And we're two pieces that fit perfectly together"

This diy customised love puzzle is The perfect gift for any couple and you can easily make this within 60 minutes, but the puzzle will last you a lifetime... Your children could play with this someday...(that's time well spent, folks)

It's the smallest pieces that reveal the big picture.


1. High quality dense printout
2. Glue
3. Cardboard/fibre board
4. Cutter
5. Sand paper
6. Transparent paint sealing spray
7. Cardstock
8. Stone clay
9. Nailpolish

Step 1: The Photo

Take Your best couple photo or your favourite one. Colour correct in editing and edit as a heart shape layout in any phone app. Take a high quality dense printout. Preferably on a Matt or glossy cardstock.

Step 2: The Body

Neatly cut out the heart shaped photo. Apply glue and spread evenly. Stick this properly on to the cardboard. Iron out the creases using a roller or ruler.

Step 3: The Pieces

Draw the puzzle pieces. Use a pencil to draw the grid for reference.
Neatly cut out the pieces using a cutter.... That's the hard part but you'll get there :-)

Step 4: Tuning the Pieces

Sand every edge of each piece individually so that they fit together perfectly.

Step 5: Finalizing the Pieces

Spray the transparent paint sealing spray on every piece and let dry for 10 min. This will add a long-lasting protective layer and give them a shine.
Now the puzzle is ready...... Try it out just for fun.

Step 6: The Romantisque Letter

Use a light shade tinted cardstock and make an envelope. Fill it with small heart punches of multiple colours like pink, Red, white etc. Add in the puzzle pieces and seal this love letter with the initials of the couple.

Step 7: Faux Seal

I used stone clay to make an initial letters seal for the lovely couple. I also played around and created a bunch of deals later on using the carving and inverse technique. Whatever you want to be embossed you actually push in let dry and use as a mould to create the seal.
I coated the seal with nailpolish of desired colour. And recoat with transparent nailpolish.

Step 8:

Now seal the letter and post.



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