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Introduction: Love to Infinity

Infinity mirrors are pretty awesome! Since weddings are all about loving someone to infinity, spending infinity together... celebrate that with a light-up mirror!

These are quicker and easier than they look to make, but impressive to those not in the know! These fit in with most people's decor, and are a neat twist. Why not make one for the happy couple?

Items Required :

LED Strip

14 LED's

50cm x 50cm Ikea Ribba Picture Frame

50cm x 50cm Mirror

Paper Mache Love Heart Box (ours was obtained from HobbyCraft)

Tin Foil

Mirror Film / Privacy Film

Wire and resistors

Step 1: Strip the Frame

First step is to deconstruct the frame.

On the back of the frame there are metal clips that need to be pulled out, using a pair of pliers, wobble them side to side and they will slide out without any problems, place them to one side as they will be needed during reconstruction.

Lift of the rear section, this is not required for reconstruction, so can be kept for another project.. Waste not, want not.

You will now see the "mount", this can be set aside for future use.

Now inside you have a frame, care must be taken as the frame holds in the front glass. Lean the whole assembly backwards and the frame with glass will drop out, ensure you do not drop thee items.

Step 2: Mirror the Glass

The front glass should now be covered with the privacy film.

There are instructables and YouTube video's that cover this step better than I can in this instructable, so I would ask that you reference them like :

Step 3: Start the Love

Now with the heart, I used an online tool to work out the correct size resistors for use with the LED's, this tool is here.

Evenly place the led's in the heart and wire them up as suggested by the tool.

I used 2 strands of solid core CAT5 network cable, and made sure there was around 60cm spare for routing though the frame.

Inside the heart I placed 2 pieces of Polystyrene inside the heart, ensure these protrude slightly as you will need to put some double sided tape on these and stick them to the backing mirror.

Step 4: LED Strip

Put the LED strip inside the frame, I used an electric staple gun to fasten the led strip in place as I have found in the past that when warm the strip will come away.

Now place the LED frame inside the picture frame and mark where would be an appropriate point for the wires to exit from the Picture Frame.

Step 5: Put It Together and Power It Up

Now simply place "mirrored" front glass in, ensure the mirrored surface is inside, not outside.

Insert the LED frame

Put the rear mirror in with the heart the right way up :)

Re-Insert the pins to hold the whole thing together, hang it on a wall, and enjoy the look on your loved ones face when they see it.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    After you glue the LED on the frame. How do you power it? is there a diagram on how?


    7 years ago on Introduction

    The heart looks very realistic! Great job customizing the classic infinity mirror!