Introduction: LoveBot Robotty

This instructable gives you a step by step on how to create a one of a kind robotty. All the parts I used to make this besides the electrical equipment came from my local art store, AC Moore. 

By the end of the steps you should have your own LoveBot Robotty that can sense and replicate your own heartbeat. 

Hope you enjoy! 

Step 1: "Solder Like a Pro"

Parts Needed:
2 Boards
Soldering Gun
9V Battery

Oh goodness. I was definitely a noobie when I started this project so if you are too then trust me I feel your pain. If your a "pro" well ... im jealous. Anyhow for the first step I went ahead and handled all the electrical parts for this build. 

I used two electrical boards from RadioShack ( one small and one large) and got a few packs of their LED assortment packs. 

For the smaller one i went ahead and marked out the shape of a heart and filled each hole marked, with the negative leg of the LED. I then started to "Solder Like A Pro." 

I brought all the negative LED legs to the left of the board and all the positive to the right. I learned from the master AKA my professor that you save time and room by using the legs to your advantage. When I first started soldering i was just laying out all the solder from the leg on each hole all the way across the board. It was time consuming and would actually ruin the copper spots on the board from heating it too long. So when doing this if you go ahead and extend the leg where you need it to go and only solder the endpoint then it works wayyyy better! 

Bring all the negatives to one point on the board (left) and bring all the positives to one point on the board (right). Try not to bridge the paths. 

Now once you have completed that its time to add the wire to your endpoints. And lets see if youre a zombie or not. Attach the wire to your 9V battery and if all your LEDs light up your in good shape, if not look back and see if maybe you forgot to solder some things or you bridged your + and -

Now once your done with your "heart" its time to move on to the eyes. Repeat pretty much the same steps with the larger board except do your own design for how you want them to look. 

Once your done go ahead and test it out, if all is well move on to the next step.

Step 2: Items for the Build

So for this step all these items came from my local arts and crafts store, AC Moore. Came in right at around $40. Not too bad. 

Pack of styrofoam balls (2)
(1) 9"x12" Wood Shadow Box w/ Glass
(2) 1.5"x1.5" Wooden Blocks
(2) Wooden Heart Shapes ( Bagged )
(1) Metallic Spraypaint by Rustoleum: American Accents
(1) Hot glue gun w/ many hot glue sticks
(2) Wooden jewelry boxes
(2) Wooden flower pots
(2) Wooden plaques. 
(1) 1/2" Square Rod
(1) Glass and Wood Heart Box

Step 3: LoveBots Kicks Aka: Shoes

Were gonna construct the kicks on this step. Go ahead and grab the following:

Hot glue sticks with gun
wooden flower pots
wooden plaques 
wooden heart shapes 
wooden jewelry boxes 


Now first you got to hot glue the flower pot to the top of the plaque. You gotta line it up perfectly with the back seam. 

Next you attach the jewelry bos to the top of the flower pot with hot glue. And voila! You have the leg and foot. Now do it once again for the other leg. 

After both legs have been constructed you can go ahead and spraypaint it metallic. 

Now last but not least the little heart shapes. This is for the robots kicks. Kinda wanted to replicate how Converse have a star on the exterior of their shoes, well the LoveBot Robotty has a heart. Go ahead and hot glue that on the outer side of each foot. 

Step 4: Torso

Parts Needed:
Wooden shadow box
wooden heart box
hot glue sticks with gun
1.5" wooden blocks

Go ahead tape off the glass part on the heart box and spraypaint the rest of the box metallic. That goes the same with the shadow box (remove glass). 

For the rods you have to decide for yourself how long you want the arms to be. Mine were about 10.5" long each. I used a handsaw and a clamp to steady it while I cut. I then went and screwed the rod to the wooden block near the center and sprayed them both metallic. 

Note to self:Just make sure the screw you chose are long enough to go through the block and a little way into the rod.

Step 5: Guts

Alright its gonna get a little tricky on this step.

Parts needed:
Arduino Uno
DC Cord
9V Battery 
Heart Rate/Pulse Sensor for Arduino $20
LED Heart and Eyes 
Battery Connector
Electrical Tape

Go ahead and plug your pulse sensor into the Arduino Uno. If you don't know how, the purple wire goes into "A5" and the red goes into "5V" and the black goes into "GND".

Next is the LEDs. Since they wires used to put them together are linked, + of the eyes meet the + for the heart and vice versa. They plug into "13" and "GND". 

Now heres where it gets a little weird. I had to cut the DC cord and uncover the red and black wired embed inside. I then had to wire that to a battery connector. After I twisted those wires together I covered them with electrical tape to ensure the bond was met. 

Now go ahead and hook the connector to the 9V battery. 

If it lights up you are realllyyyyyy successful. If not make sure your wires are ported right. 

Step 6: Piecing It All Together

Alright were almost done now lets piece this bad boy together! 

Place the LED heart inside the torso near the top left. And pull all the extra wire that may be hanging around in the inside too. I taped down the wire. But make sure the pulse sensor wire is able to run out the backside. Put LED eyes in the wooden heart box. I used hot glue for this part as well so it was secured. Run the power cord for your 9V out the backside and secure the wire and battery with tape. 

Now hot glue the head onto the torso in the center. I had to use a bunnnccchh of hot glue for this part just to ensure my robotty didn't become a bobble head. 

Next comes the arms! Align them up at a height and angle suitable for your own liking. Once you have made your choice go ahead and hot glue them on the side of the torso. Keep holding for a min to ensure they have dried on. 

Now take the styrofoam balls and spraypaint them metallic. You may get a little dirty but its all good, the paint washed off my hands easily. 

Once the foam balls have dried completely go ahead and cut out a larger enough hole for the rod to be placed into them. Secure it with hot glue. Give that time to settle and hot glue the backside of the sensor to the closest "hand". I ran the wire on the underside of the arm and secured it with electrical tape. 

Alright now go ahead and prepare yourself for a massive load of hot glue. I could of prolly used nails or screws for this part but missed that step when I put all the components into the torso. Anyhow. align the legs perfectly and slam them with hot glue. Gracefully place the torso on top the legs and ALLOW TO DRY. Keep your hand on there for balance! Do want that thing tipping over before its dried completely. Once you think its been long enough, let your robotty stand tall. (: 

Now plug her up and hold her hand and watch as her LEDs match your heartbeat. That is unless you're a zombie.

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