Introduction: LoveLinker (Intel IoT)

(i) Project name;LoveLinker

(ii) Project overview;We delivery heart through cloud to your love by Edison.The Heart including beats and emotions. You can feel each other every time every where with the LoveLinker which made as a bracelet. There is no need to check monitors, you just feel it through beats and emotion color come by the LoveLinker.

(iii) Description of the intended uses for the Project including, but not limited to, the following:Describe the unique and innovative attributes of your Project.

Direct heartbeat transfer and emotion analyse.

What is the target audience and available market for your Project?

Lovers, Paternity or any two persons they want to share the feelings.

How does your Project technically work?

we measure the heartbeat rate,strength and human body temperature to analyse the human

How does your Project take advantage of Cloud connectivity?

pair bracelet to smart phone via Bluetooth and using PAN service to connect ot internet.Then using Intel IOTkit to connect two bracelet (Edison inside) to transfer heartbeat and emotions.. Sensor utilization?full color LED, infrared temperature sensor, green light pulse sensorbutton, Vibrate.

How does your Project make use of Software components?

Bluetooth PAN by Linux shell script and python.IOTkit cloud connection by REST API (python) and arduino library. Arduino main Function includes:Temprature, PulseSensor gathering data to analyseCenter and send to remote side.TaskDispatcher recieve remote data and control Vibrate to simulate heartbeat and LED to show emotion.

Step 1: Visit Our Github to See How We Make It

Step 2: Gathering Your Hardware Components

1. edison board

2. lHeart-rate Sensor

3. Infrared temperature sensor

4. Grove button

5. Grove vibrator

6. Grove - LCD RGB Backlight

Step 3: Construct to Wearable and Register Cloud

1. Register and Using Intel IOT Analystic tools

2. make it to wearable