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Introduction: Lovely Cardboard Heart Seat !

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Cardboard furnitures may seem wrong but I can say it is strong and durable ! See how to build a cardboard seat in shape of heart.

I detailed all the step for you to understand the process and then for you to do whatever shape you want :)

Let's recycle cardboard into useful furniture !

Step 1: Heart Cardboard Structure, Glue Gun and Weight

The first step is two cut the top and the bottom of the seat and of course it is a shape of heart. These 2 shapes have to be perfectly symetric.

Second step, you have to draw lines on one face to predefine where you are going to stick the cardboard pieces.

This step is really important as it will give you the resistance of the seat. So you draw zig zag as you can see on the pictures and every single line as to be connected together to create kind of junction.

Third Step , the height. Don't go over 25 cm height ! it is really important because above this size you waste solidity.

Fourth step using glue gun and weight. To stick the pieces of cardboard in the structure, you will need a glue gun and quite a lot of glue. So you cut pieces of 25 height cardboard that match the lines you draw in lenth and then you glue them one by one.

Fifth step , I advise you to use weight to get every thing well in place.

Step 2: Bend the Cardboard

For the surrounding of the heart seat, you take a piece of cardboard that match the height of the seat. So it is slightly heigher than 25 cm. If it is a bit too heigh no worries, you could sand it down later. (yes, you can sand down cardboard Oo)

Then you roll it around a sweeper handel to make it more flexible and able to be stick around the heart structure.

Then you glue it and you apply weight above.

One last step, you need a fine strong cardboard plate for the seat face and you glue on it with wood glue.

Apply weight and wait for 3 minutes it dries.

Step 3: Make It Sealed

For this part, you would need craft tape to fully sealed every corners and joints.

It would have 2 actions :

-sealed and give a better finish to the heart seat

-reinforce the whole structure

To apply it, it is pretty easy. You just put a bit of water to stick it and then cut bit by bit for round parts.

You have to be quite quick to stick it as it dries fast.

Step 4: The Finish : Tapestry Glue, Nepalese Paper and Varnish Glue

The Nepalese paper is pretty thick and nice for decoration purpose. To glue it on the cardboard structure, you would need tapestry glue.

Important advices : Always start by light color to the darkest and put the tapestry glue on the paper only. You do not need to apply it on the cardboard.

To cut the Nepalese paper to the right size you have to measure the heart and add 2cm more to be sure not having any gap. Then you put this excess around the seat.

Then you cut the red Nepalese paper and you glue it with the tapestry glue.

Once you finished these steps and the whole is fully dry, you can put the varnish glue everywhere.

It allows to protect the cardboard from water.

Step 5: Test It ! It Is Super Strong !

I weight around 75 kg and it is strong not even moving under my full weight.

So enjoy and do your own design just following the technic.

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    4 years ago

    Lovely indeed! I'd like to try this!