Lovely Lego Heart

Introduction: Lovely Lego Heart

Lego Bendy Shapes get into the Valentine's Day spirit with the Lovely Lego Heart! With a few 1x2 bricks and these instructions you can have a Lovely Lego Heart of your own. Makes a great gift for your Lego lovin' Valentine or unique decoration for the special day. 

Step 1:

To make a Lego heart you'll need:
-300 1x2s

I used a random mix of red, white, and three shades of pink 1x2 bricks. I didn't have a lot of this color so I put a layer of transparent 1x2 plates between the layers to make it stronger. 

Step 2:

Build a strip with two layers of bricks that are staggered so that they stick together. Once the strip is a few bricks long add the top layer. Continue building the strip until each layer is 50 bricks long (100 studs) and both ends are staggered like in the second picture. 

Step 3:

I find it easier to attach the top of the heart first and then the bottom so that's where we'll start. Connect the two strips at a 90 degree angle as shown, the bottom brick will stick out by one stud. Now remove that bottom brick (pink in my pictures) and reattach it so that it's flush with the rest of the model, as shown. 

Now pull the two strips towards you so that they will meet again at a point on the bottom. The 90 degree angle is the point where the two top arches of a heart meet and pulling the strips towards you creates these arches. 

Step 4:

Connect the two ends at a 90 degree angle just like before. Remove and reattach the bottom brick (dark pink in my picture) so that it's flush with the model.  You now have a Lovely Lego Heart to show your love. 

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