Low Budget Cat Feeder

Introduction: Low Budget Cat Feeder

Step 1: Materials

Water bottle, shoe box, paper plate, scissors, tape.

Step 2: Plastic Jar or Container

Cut the bottom of the jar off

Step 3: Cut Top of Water Bottle Off

I used this plate to make up for the different sizes between the jar and the bottle

Step 4: Tape Water Bottle to Jar

This will create a funnel affect

Step 5: Cut Shoebox

Cute the shoe box so you can poor the cat food in from the top

Step 6: Tape

Tape the jar in place in the shoebox with the bottom of jar at the hole in the shoebox

Step 7: Test Run

Try standing it up and pouring food into the top and make sure food comes out of the bottom.

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    6 years ago

    Hummmm.. somehow i felt that its not finished yet...


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Doesn't all the cat food spill right out of the bottom? Perhaps I'm missing something.

    Can you elaborate on how this works?