Introduction: Low Cost Computer Desk

Over the summer I decided I needed a new desk. After looking online at many different desks costing hundreds dollars I figured I could make one for much less. In fact the total cost I estimate to be around $50. This price could go up very quick if you have to buy some power tools or end up going to the hospital because you misuse the tools. On that note I thought I should add in here that I am not responsible for the structural integrity of the desk design nor your proper or improper use of the tools needed. Any way I hope you enjoy this instructable.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

-Two 2x4' MDF sheets ~$11(each)
-Two 20 hole steel tie plates ~1(each)
-One Quart of paint ~$8
-Six legs~$3.50(each)
-Box of 3/4in Screws~$6
-Polyurethane(Optional, Helps protect against water)
-Test bottle of accent paint (Optional) 
-Round over router bit
-Jig Saw
-Coffee tube Cap
-1/8in drill bit 
-Sand Paper 
-Jig saw
-Power Sander

Step 2: Design

The design of the desk was made to fit into the corner of my office just right so anyone can edit the design to fit best into their space. The only problem with the design is the need for a keyboard tray if you put your monitor in the middle. For the corners as said before I used a coffee tube cap to get the right corner shape.

Step 3: Cutting/Routing

To cut out the rough shape I used a jig saw. I might help to use a circular saw to cut out the long straight sides or use a guide for the jig saw because I had a hard time keeping perfectly straight on the sides. Once cut use a sander to fix any mistakes made while cutting. Finally, to finish off the table route the edges that are not exterior or any you don't plan to have against a wall. 

Step 4: Painting

Now for the most personalized part of the project PAINTING. For my desk I chose to paint it black because it matched my office. As far how to paint find a nice clean place and paint it. (No, I will not give instruction on how to paint a piece of wood :) ).I also played around with cool paint designs but ended up deciding to do a geometric accent in one of the corners. (If you make the table please feel free to leave a picture of your table in the comments. I would love to see what other designs people could come up with).  

Step 5: Accent

This part while easy took the longest because of the drying times. The design works by first marking out equal distances from a set point on two sides of a right angle then connecting 1 to 1, 2-2, and so on. The only real hard part is getting the tape on straight which I used a long piece of scrap wood to do.  

Step 6: Finishing

The last step before assembling the desk was to cover the whole thing in a protective polyurethane coat.(Note: I will take at least 2 coats). Of all the steps this was the most frustrating because you have to first apply the urethane all over the piece and then go over the whole thing slowly with the paint brush to get out all the bubbles.  

(I know that is not polyurethane but both have the same affect) 

Step 7: Assembly

Almost done, now the last thing to do is pre-drill the holes for the legs and tie. Then screw all the pieces together.  

Step 8: Enjoy

Now that you have finished your desk you can use it as a computer desk or just put some fun junk on it like I do. In the end your desk should look like the one above. If you liked this instructable please vote for it.


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