Introduction: Low Budget Green Screen

My friends and I love making movies just for fun. We decided last year that we wanted to try using a green screen for certain scenes, but we didn't want to sink a lot of money into a green screen. Green screens can become expensive so we came up with an alternative and made out own green screen for less than $15 dollars. If you click on the video you can see an example of us testing out the green screen and using it.



Roll of duct tape

12 Green Posters

A Few Feet Of Rope

Step 1: Gathering the Supplies

I bought 12 green poster boards at Walmart for less than a dollar a piece, I wanted my screen to be 4 by 3 posters as you see in the picture. You can make it bigger our smaller by buying less or more posters if you wish. Next I bought duct tape, and taped together all the posters. I used duct tape to put it together, it just so happened it was green, you do not need green tape though. Next at the top of your home made screen you're gonna want to tape some rope on the top of the posters as in the pictures. This is so you can hang the screen in a room.

Step 2: Hang It Up

If you have ceiling tile:

My green screen is not permanent. So I use rope to hang it from my ceiling tile and take it down when I'm done filming. You should have about 5 ropes hanging the poster from your roof. Then you need a rope on the both side ends of the posters like in the picture, I drew them in blue. This will pull the screen tight and make it not wrinkled.

If you don't have ceiling tile :

If you don't have ceiling tile you can tape the screen to your wall. Make sure to tape it tight on the wall so the screen isn't wrinkled. Tape all around the outter edges of the screen.

Step 3: Finish

When we are done with it we role it up and store it in a closet until the next time we need to use it. We originally had all the green screen come together with Velcro but it became a huge burden so we decide to forget the Velcro and Tape together the posters, so that's why we tole it up now. The green screen works really well in our opinions, and it cost us less than $15 dollars so we are happy with it. Enjoy your low budget new green screen!! Have fun with all the things you can do with the green screen too!

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