Low Budget Wood Signs for Non-Artists

Introduction: Low Budget Wood Signs for Non-Artists

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If you have ever wanted cute wood signs for your home but never made them because you were only as good as a 4 year old with paints and brushes, this project will show you a easier way to get what you want.


  1. Acrylic Paint
  2. Paint Brush
  3. Glue
  4. Spoon (Anything that you can stir a thick paste with)
  5. Air tight Container to mix and store the paste
  6. Old hair removal cream Applicator (Any plastic card like thing would do)
  7. MDF Board (Or any medium you wish to work on)
  8. Lacquer (Varnish)
  9. Talc cum powder (Expired product)
  10. Paper Cutter

Step 1: Paper Stencils

1. Draw or print the designs you would like on a thick paper. I have used a paper of 120 gsm. The thicker the paper, the deeper the design. You may also download the designs I used.

2. Cut out the designs using a paper cutter.

Your paper stencils are ready!

Step 2: Homemade Texture Paste

For your homemade texture paste, take:

2 parts of Talc

1-part acrylic paint

and 1-part glue.

Mix them to get a paste like consistency.

If you are having trouble with the consistency, add Talc to thicken the paste or add Water to make it thinner.

Once you get the desired consistency, store it in an air-tight container.

Step 3: Background

Take the MDF board and give it a background color. I chose White.

Step 4: Let's Make Art

Place you paper stencil and apply the texture paste onto the design.

Method 1:

You can add color directly to the paste and apply it to the stencil.

Pro: Quicker method.

Con: Mistakes are harder to hide if your paste smudges.

Method 2:

Add the paste as is to the paper stencil and then paint over it with your desired color.

Pro: You can cover up your mistakes better.

Con: Time Consuming.

Step 5: Seal It!

Once you are happy with your design, seal it with lacquer to

protect it from water.

Display your 3D masterpiece and enjoy the compliments.

Step 6: Try Different Styles

If you don't want a 3D texture, you can also use only acrylic paint over the stencils to make your desired art.

I made the above sign with just paint and stencils.

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