Introduction: Low Carry Attachment for Mora Knives (On a Budget)

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In many parts of the world, come winter, everyone gets bundled up to stay warm and toasty when outdoors. The problem with that is that under all those layers, your belt carried knife may be difficult or impossible to extract when practicing winter Bushcraft or survival.

Here is a quick guide to a very inexpensive attachment you can put together in less than 5 minutes for less than a dollar that will allow you to carry your Mora knife better.

Step 1: Understanding the Problem

Carrying your Mora knife on your belt results in a very high carry. This is problematic if you are wearing a long shirt or a jacket especially in the winter if you have many layers. Therefore, an attachment must be made to lower the sheath several inches below the belt to have an exposed knife handle to extract the blade and also allow the sheath to be removed easily.

Step 2: Materials and Tools


  • 8 inches/20 cm of nylon webbing or strap (approximately $0.12/foot)
  • small button (that can fit inside the slot of the sheath)
  • Needle and thread

That's it.

Step 3: The Plan

  • Folding the strap in half to form a loop, a series of lines need to be sewn (grey lines)
  • Then a button is sewn in near the bottom (white circle)

Step 4: Final Product

The loops is inserted onto your belt and the mora sheaths can be slotted onto the button. Your knife should carry about 4 inches below your belt, resulting in the handle being exposed for easy access.

This is universal for all Moras that have a slotted belt loop (such as the Companion Heavy Duty).

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