Introduction: Low Cost Light Diffuser

Light diffusers are used in film and photography to help diffuse harsh shadows from direct lights. You will find something like this in every film maker’s tool kit. This simple free standing design is low cost, portable and can be made in a few minutes.

I’ve also included a video of the diffuser build along with a PDF version of the plans.



Step 1: List of Materials

Step 2: This Is What You Will Be Building

Step 3: Cut Pipes

Cut the 1/2” PVC pipe as shown in the material list.

Step 4: Side Assembly

Assemble first side as shown. You will use two 24” length pipes, one tee joint and one 90 degree elbow. Construct a second side that will mirror the first.

Step 5: Foot Assembly

Assemble foot as shown. You will use two 12” length pipes, one tee joint and two end caps. Repeat process for second foot.

Step 6: Cross Supports

Add 28” cross supports as shown.

Step 7: Add Sheet

Attach sheet with clips or clamps.

Step 8: Lighting

Place diffuser between light and subject.

Step 9: End Results

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